My inkpapillion

You sit to write something , for you feel you got to express the ideas you have in numerous interesting conversations with people & then you realise you can’t , not the way you thought about it at least.

So what happens between you thinking & putting it down in words ?

When you are talking to someone you are comfortable  with , words just seem to flow like from an eternal river , but when you sit down to write , you ‘think’ , not about what topic you are going to write about but  what should be omitted or censored or modified from your original thought for it to be read  by the masses.

Well then the question comes , if you can speak about your thoughts without reservation then why not write ?Well when you speak, you can always read the reaction & disguise the thoughts in your words cleverly if you sense a negative one .On the contrary when you write it ends up being more about what you think people would like to read & abrakadabra we have another writing piece which sounds the same as something we have read before  & so we add it  to the mental pile of boring stuffy read.

So here I am an 18 year old trying to put her thoughts forth  as they are in her head without censorship, without omission.
All of them may not be all that interesting , but its a quest to learn from ‘me’ & to know how strong or flawed my ideas are ,when I truly accept them as mine.
My InkPapillion, is in the process of metamorphosis ,  waiting to unleash its wings & take it’s flight to create its own world.


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