Imagine you wake up from your untimely nap , hearing some kind of noise, & decide ‘ok I ‘ll do this small thing ‘ & go back to sleep.You get up , & go out for the chore , & on the way meet someone  .Initially you feel annoyed  at the prospect that now it ‘ll take you longer to go back to sleep , but as you keep talking to the person , the feeling just disappears & you are completely & totally happy without a reason .& if you have noticed beside being noticeably positive , you are very productive too in the time post sleep.

In that short period of time when you have just woken up, you don’t think about the past or the future .You completely & totally are in the moment , for it feels like dawn for you.

Well, most of the time , a person ponders about something in the past or something of the future. Planners would say just being in the now is never  enough if you have big shot dreams .True , maybe, because you don’t know until they are fulfilled .But is your glass of now completely full? Have you exhausted every possibility of now before exploring the ones in future?

Why am I , a college student , lamenting or breaking by head over past , present & future , when I basically have the whole life in front of me?
Well if I think about it now , I can save tomorrow’s past, for their are so many of my peers out there who are worried about what their life is going to be after college or if it is good enough , the place they are currently in?
Is there a point? I don’t see one .if you are at a beach , go for a swim , in a forest , built a fire, because you are there NOW.
Make your now a perpetual dawn ,&  you will never be disappointed for Dawn’s neither the end nor the start, its where you decide to take the pen in your hand  & make the story interesting , whether you liked it before or not.

So , that’s it I guess, get up , stretch & enjoy your dawn
& don’t forget dreams of dawn come true^_^


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