Aishiteru( part 1 )

Aishiteru .I love you.

What does it mean to love a person?
This is one question I have thought a lot about since I  entered my teens.

I have seen people my age & younger get into relationships & declare their love for their partners , well not all but at least some of them.I always wondered ‘are they sure ? That it’s love? ….aren’t they too young to understand something poets & authors have shed tears over expressing the depth & complexity of….& for that matter  maybe am i not too young to understand or contemplate about it either …’ .But you don’t stop thinking about something do you? Especially When that something is said to be beyond you.

I have also witnessed lots of relationships which have turned disastrous. & When I am saying this I talk about people from all ages.Married couples staying together for the sake of kids , where the concept seems something of the long gone past. Or bonds where once beautiful love is just a wicked tool or permit to hurt the person you claim to love ,for no one would supposedly have complaints to strangers .Slit wrists ,teen pregnancy , domestic violence , pressure to do or not do something ‘if you love me ‘, emotional blackmail don’t seem to paint  pretty picture of the entity either .

Well I have something on the cynics too but I guess I’ll save that for later.But then I am sure  you are not unfamiliar with the typical cynic dialogues ‘ Who needs love anyway if we have everything we need? ‘ or ‘ Love is for fools , why would someone risk everything they have for the sake of it’ or ‘ Love is for those who don’t care about anyone else but themselves’

So what do I think about it ? What do I understand & who do I support?
I’ll answer this in the next post for this one will be too long if I answer it here.
Besides I would also like  to know as what you think about it.So please comment .& till then take care

just smile^_^


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