Aishiteru (part 2)

Logical is fun & intriguing , so lemme try talk about it logically first 😛

Well if you think about it , we can define or try to define all human emotions only if we consider the existence of love .okay dingdong what am i going on about?

Lets name few human emotions – sorrow , anger ,jealousy .So what are these & why ?if you think, they all just different names for varying degrees of pleasantness & unpleasantness ,for someone or something ,we are attached to.uh love in layman lingo is ‘attachment’ & is like the backdrop for all the emotions on stage of life ^_^
kay let me explain it a bit…sorrow is usually associated with loss ,why would you feel bad about the loss if you weren’t attached to it on some level? .& the same thing goes for other emotions , why would you feel anything at all if you  aren’t attached at some level!?

So as fun as it was , trying to look at it logically ( for me at least), lets try abstract.

Well, it is when you want to see a person happy , & their well being makes you happy too.This is the reason I feel people get into relationships of any kind , not the sole reason as I will explain but yes.This is how yarn of love connects you to the person you love.

But its more than that , for as humans we all have our share of insecurities & fears , so when we associate our happiness with someone else , we allow ourselves to be a bit selfish with them.Some may call it as showing their vulnerability .But no , it takes strength to show anything at all.& This is the other reason as to why we have bonds, for everyone wants a ‘safe haven’ where they can show so called ‘weaknesses’ , show that they are not always what they should be.

Problems arise when people forget the reason they took a step in this direction .when they forget that to see the smile , everything else came to be , things go haywire.Expectations are not what binds them in first place , but, later, its all they think bound them.So , that when they are not met , the yarns are imagined to be breaking or fraying .

Love is just a feeling  for someone which comes to exist without a reason , & the day you try to find or question the reason for it , it would cease to be what it’s actually supposed to be’
I say this because one can love any kind of person in the world, its even irrational at times but then so is life .This is how I feel about love
I guess that’s it , don’t think about it, don’t try avoid it , don’t romanticise it , for you are the one inking it, define it as you want it.

& the song ‘Aishiteru’ by whiteen kind of expresses it as how I define it for me . Non-Japanese people like me can just search out the English subs for this  song .Its really good & let me know how you feel.

just smile^_^


2 thoughts on “Aishiteru (part 2)”

  1. I’ll have to listen to this song. Using the title for your post was interesting. I felt the same during freshman year (30 years ago) when peers professed true love (really, at 18?) . Love can hit when you’re in the moment.


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