A certain girl & a certain friend.

You ask a certain girl , what her favourite thing is , she will tell you ‘change’.
One fine day , she had a fight , one of those million ones bestfriends have , & in anger the bestfriend said ‘why should I explain to you the reason I was angry ? Its not like you are going to change’ .
Hmm..fiesty fight huh.But then why am I am talking about it.Because I maybe want to talk a bit more about the certain girl.

Let me share her dreams & insecurities .

She always had the feeling she wasn’t good enough & really replaceable .& the fact that she feels totally utterly & completely alone in the world didn’t help, which is not so uncommon feeling among people as she will come to know later.
She figured you can look at the world in two ways .One you live with magic  , the ability to see good in everything even in things you feel can’t be.Another you notice the fissures & cracks in each good thing , & see how nothing is truly good.Kay ..that’s too radical & diverse .For most of people see it as it is -real.

So which way did she chose to look & how did she live? If it was ideal world or me a sycophant , I would tell you , she always saw the world with magic.She did not .She only saw glimpses of it when she was really happy.

Since most of the times , she was so unhappy with the thought that she wasn’t good enough , she held the assumption that she was living her life for someone else.What kind of nonsense is that & its a waste of life if she doesn’t live for herself . We can go down the path that nobody gave their best at what wasn’t theirs & how she was ruining hers .& on a ruder note Well if she was so unhappy about it ,why not go & end it?It will be all so easy .
“But well if I die my relations will hurt. I can’t do that.So if I am living it , that is I will help people .”
To give her credit , she did help or try to wherever & whenever she could. But what did it cost her?
The feeling that there was always something lacking , & she was making best of something she didn’t want.

I don’t think anyone likes voicing their insecurities , nor did this certain girl. So what happened?

After the fight she realised if she wasn’t changing , constantly , to fix faults within her  , then maybe she wasn’t  really making best. & all of these thoughts were too much so she confided in a certain friend.

Well the certain friend said ‘That’s just grim , for there is always a third way’ .’well why don’t you tell me one if you really do have one’ ‘um.not gonna happen  cause it won’t be yours & you won’t be convinced until you find one yourself’

Too cheesy right. So thought the certain girl too & assumed the certain friend didn’t have one & was just bluffing.

So what happened next?
To be continued…
(I personally can’t read very long posts)

just smile^_^


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