A certain girl & a certain friend( part 2)

The girl did come up with an answer.Grey .Its easy to see black & white , but its not so easy to see black in white & white in black for everything is grey.As to the girl’s reason , she wants to help kids.She wants to make them understand that there is always more than one way to look & give them  the freedom to explore .

Its not that the sudden realisation made her insecurities vanish in thin air or that she never gets down.She does.But what matters is she has a reason , for herself, as to why she won’t or can’t give up.

She may not bring about a big change in the world , but there is a change that only she can bring – her change.

“I’ve never owned anything before, for nothing is truly ours & so life had always felt a place I had rented. But I do now .My reason & my words, intangible as they may seem , they are my chequebook to everything else i wish to make my own “

Well you may not be the certain girl  , nor may you be the certain friend, but anytime you feel down , don’t forget that you have something that’s  just yours.Because no one else fits the ‘you sized jigsaw piece in life’.

just smile^_^


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