Highway to clouds

Kay its vacation time!!!!!!!
A little bit on me this time.
I am more than a little excited. I have planned on doing a lot of things , & start blogging more seriously .
Well this vacation I want change , a drastic huge change .I don’t know if I will see through what I think I want to achieve , but I am going to give it the best .I started blogging recently , as a stepping stone on the way to the same big change but haven’t been very consistent about it .So , its time to take reigns.

So , what is it that I wish for?

There is just one thing I want , that is be a person I love .No more , no less.

I want to change everything I don’t like about me & be everything I have ever wanted to be.
I am going to fulfill every dream I ever had , small or big & no I am not willing to let go of single one .

Why am I telling you people all this?

For , one thing is that a promise is more solid than any thought you have in your head , & so I am making my conviction more real by telling you people about it .I don’t owe it to you people to keep my promise , but to myself for I firmly believe ‘never break a promise , high or low’.

So how am I starting?

I want more real time – doing things time , people time , book time , going out time etc .

.So ,I ‘ve cut down on my gadget time.
I am off social media and  am instead sticking to mailing close friends @ far off places, long mails once in a while .( & bugging my friends early in the morning , knocking them awake:p)

I have started waking with the sun & got a library membership , the very next day , I came home.

I have started taking walks with my  parents , & talking more to my bro.

& I have decided to make writing – pen on paper kind a more regular thing , to appreciate, to relive , the magic of my  day to day memories & thoughts.

Well, and I will be blogging regularly like 2-3 times a week.
I will be writing about movies , books & all kinds of things I find starting soon , frequency of the blog depending on how much I want to share.

Thank you everyone who read this blog. At the beginning , of new year , I will write one more post about how far I think I am on my highway to the clouds:p

just smile^_^


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