The Wizard & the melancholy ode

Abra ka dabra,
Oh the great warlock,
Or the witch of the east,
Or some pixie I know not thee,
Sprinkle some faerie dust,
Or work any spell you please,
And fulfill this wish of mine,
The only one I want ,
& the only I will ever ask for.

Return me my little star,
My best friend , my other half
Heal the wounds , cuts & tears
Inflicted by the blades of time .
& bring back the smiles
More transient now than permanent
Instead of the other way around
As it used to be before,
& take me back to days old

The world so wonderful & magical
Even with Prince charming on his knees
& the dragons imprisoning me for so long
All slain & killed
Doesn’t mean a thing
Without my Royal wizard
For he is my brother
My saviour , my anchor.

The captain to our ship ,
As we tame the rough seas,
Or explore the unknown isles
Each day an adventure,
Each memory a treasure,
Damn its hard ,
To find words ,
To describe how much ,
That little devil means to me.

As sail we do towards the sun,
All of a sudden ,
Disperse would the sunlight of laughter ,
Like the morning mist,
And roll in the dark clouds of storm ,
Instead of the rain we were dancing to,
& in  a moment it’s all chaos
left floundering I am in midst of which,
As to what happened ,
& why can’t I find him?

Kay now I am being stupid ,
Being sad when I don’t have to ,
Help I can’t but laugh,
As to how melodramatic I sound,
After another little show down,
If lose I ever do ,
My precious little gem
in ocean , desert or snow
Fear I need not ,
For call him a wizard I do not
Without a reason,
& back will be he ,before I know
& write another melancholy ode,
Which I am sure he could not ever bear so:p

just smile^_^


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