Born as a mortal being,
Exploring world of surprises,
What is it?
Bad , evil, dark
Just another cloud
Entity of smoke
Dark aura around your fist
You have so tightly fisted around

Your eyes water
Your throat closes
& you are about to choke
Until you open it
Loosen it
The fist around your misery
With you as the bringer &
Creator of your own destiny

Your vision clears
& you notice the white
Wisps of threads
Soft & silky floating all around
Your touch makes them golden
& as feathers of purity
They built on your back
The wings of dreams

But what if you are
Born as an angel of life
With feathers of
Naivety & innocence
& as time goes by
You are no longer white but
Something every being
Should be scared of

Naivety becomes a spear
Innocence a curse
As intrigue closes on your thoughts
& you hold onto the
Dark clouds despite the tears
Despite the choking
Making you so blind
That you don’t see the threads anymore

Slowly at first & then quickly after
It goes on tainting the white
Of the feathers of
Your own beloved flight
Only thing not dark now
Is your crimson beating heart

Every thread you touch
Turns the color of blood
Binding the fist of person
Who touches it next
Prolonging his suffering
Drowning him in pain
Momentary or for long

Born into this utopia of mortals
I was once an immortal
A guardian of mankind
After my own right
But all I am now is
A mere fallen angel
& all I seek is solitude
To save you from the potent Lucifer

just smile^_^


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