From the mirrors,
Windows of car,
Or another ripple in puddle,
She peeks through,
Playing hide & seek,
Sometimes laughing,
Mischievous & jovial,
Sometimes eyes blazing ,
With suppressed emotions.

Who is she,
Or me for that matter?
Cause that is who am I searching for
In every reflection I see
Be it a stranger’s eye
Or the mind’s sight

What is it that I yearn for?
Long for , burn for,
My purpose in life,
Or who am I ?
For some I met on the way,
Looked so sure,
& seemed to have it
All figured out.

Bug me it used to,
As to wait how long I would have to,
For the bus or train or cab –
The vehicle to my dream to arrive,
& even know how will I
That it is the one
I am supposed to ride?

So ask I did,
Few of the some,
As to how did they know,
& the funny thing is,
None of them know ,
As to how they found that road,
I turn away from them,
Before the giggle escapes my throat,
For it makes perfect sense now,
To me at least.

She’s still playing
Her game of peekaboo
& I am still searching,
as I get down the train ,
To hail a taxi.
For hitchhiker I am,
Whose reason changes every second,
& content I am not or ever will be ,
With one dream or assigned drive.

A pirate , an adventurer ,
After my own right ,
On an eternal treasure hunt,
Throughout life.
Choosing new roads ,
& new destinations,
Offered by the
Millions & millions ,
Reflections I see,
Everyday , every minute.

just smile^_^


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