The second hand

Whoever is reading this,
Words I have scribbled,
Please read till the end.
A message I wish to give,
To as many people as I can.
For this is what is important,
Or so I believe,
With everything in me,
& every moment I’ve lived.

Mere seconds as you call them,
Pass into minutes , into hours
Into days, into years
And we live on
Through ages since the time
We were born
Trying to fill the pages
With as many stories as we can
Of intrigue , of passion , of love
Before the blank space

From the moment
Thoughts are legible
Beyond candies , fairytales
And favourite games
Its desire that takes root
Of all sorts & all kinds
To travel the world,
To have money for
All heart ever wanted,
To find true love,
Or to be known for the love of our passion.

Seven billion people ,
All born under the same sky,
Aspiring different things ,
Different combinations of well being,
To be different , to be same
To stand out , to blend in.

Why am I wasting words ,
Telling things you already know?
To make you understand ,
How very mundane our wildest dreams are .
Now imagine this second,
The moment you are breathing,
Were your last
Last to see, last to feel
Last to live.

Would it matter?
The thousand places you’ve been
Would it matter?
The hours you’ve spent
Pouring over pages
Chasing your dreams
Would it matter?
The harsh words , the polite smiles
The arguments , the bitterness
Even if it would
How much?
If all you feel is alone
Without last memory of someone’s smile
As you close your eyes.

Happy ain’t a state
Its absence of one
When you’re not sad,
Not worried or stressed,
Or a hundred things you can be  .
No I won’t say ,
You won’t be happy ,
For it is what everyone
Was born to be
& will die to be.
But to matter  ,
Is what I think
A person really wants to be.

Make every second count ,
Make it real,
Instead of hours  back & forth
With people miles away,
Spend an hour with those next to you,
Forge a deeper connection,
If you think you aren’t close enough
Go out & play with the kids
In the park next door
Instead of surfing online
For something interesting to do

Don’t complain that you are bored
Or life ain’t fair
Be grateful that you are alive
Healthy , fed & not alone
For that makes you luckier than most
Smile , laugh , collect memories
Not messages, comments & archive of mails

I am not saying
Don’t work hard for your dreams
Or let go of people
Who aren’t all that physically close
Nor am I saying
Don’t have desires
& live the life of a saint

All I am saying

I am eighteen
Older than some  , younger than some
Mourning for seconds I’ve lost
& eager for time I’ve left
Recounting , writing & conveying
Things I realise
So someone else reads it too
Sometime between ever & never
Make it matter , the second hand of your watch.

just smile^_^


6 thoughts on “The second hand”

  1. You are an awesome writer,I’ve read every word in your poem,I enjoyed reading each verse , each line. I wish you will feel this way for ever and ever and add some more wisdom for us to read. Not every day I meet such a thoughtful eighteen year old. All the best to you. 🙂


  2. This is really nice! You’re a talented writer, yet I can see so much wisdom in you (even if you’re two years younger than me). I hope more people will be able to read this post, so that they can contemplate more on what’s really happening in their lives – and let its essence truly show.


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