To my love

The irony, my Prince
Of the words I speak,
Will dawn on you
As you comprehend me ,
& the girl you fell in love with
I could save you the discomfort,
But truth just slips my lips ,
desperate attempt to warn,
As I mumble in sleep ,
In between dreams:

Tears cloud my vision,
As she asks me
“Is it alright?”.
It’s not & we both know it,
But it becomes so ,
When ‘OK’ reluctantly leaves my lips.

I look at her in the mirror,
Adorned by things gifted,
Lost who recently found a way  ,
Or so everybody would say.
The rebel so far down the well,
That just a phase she chased away,
Is the only way her truth
Is referred to about nowadays

Her words tear my insides
The harsh ones , that makes me hate
The truth , the real
But all everyone sees is,
Me accepting their opinions,
Understanding they want the best

I am tired , so very tired
That care I don’t
As to what’s a facade anymore
Lost I have pieces
Of who I wanted to be
Left are shards of glass
Mismatched , imperfect
Fit with drops of blood
Dripping from around the edges

In the glass palace of ruin,
Lies she in deep slumber,
The girl who owned this soul.
A place long lived where she has,
& even you cannot kiss her awake.
For love’s like the withered leaves around,
Who had waited with her for her saviour,
& await thus she no longer does for a knight.
Go find your princess oh my prince,
Don’t mistake my mask for what you wanted”

just smile^_^


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