A piece of cake

Grab it with all your might,
& eat your heart out,
For you don’t know how long ,
Before it’s off your platter & out.
Squeeze every bit of its essence,
& Drink it like your favourite shake,
Savour every moment you have,
like the last cookie in jar,
Because there’s no fun in it  ,
if you don’t finish the bit at the last.

Laugh until your stomach hurts,
And your eyes sting with tears of mirth,
Care, love and live,
Don’t be scared of bonds,
For they hold you tight ,
Your parachute,
As you jump from the plane .
Your water ,
as you go down the highest rides
at the water park.

I am the happiest here,
Living in the moment,
Looking at the faces of friends,
I have grown to care about,
Dripping with water and happiness unmeasured,
Not wanting to be a day older ,
Nor any younger,
But content in the present,
Enjoying the cake,
Dripping with chocolate sauce
& toppings of all kinds.

Because that what’s my life is,
My comfort food,
My sense of style,
My favourite grafitti ,
My personal taste of music,
For nothing can compare ,
To my favourite desert of all.
The only one  I want,
the only way I want.

just smile^_^


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