A dream

By the sides of river of time,
We walk with sight for whats ahead,
And thoughts about what’s behind.
Oceans apart with nothing but remorse,
But still so frighteningly same are we,
Looking at the bridge torn & tattered,
And waters carrying our memories& dreams,
We walk ahead pretending past’s done
And letting the path take us on its own trail.

Pieces of my heart still lie with you,
And yours with me.
The downcast sky and electric air.
Only sign of storms brewing inside.
Years have passed by,
But still we are stuck in time,
Fighting the chaos of our feelings and life.

Six years since we last met,
Our eyes meet again across the aisle,
And emotions go on a whirlwind.
My best friend, your sister, on your arm,
And some groom on the other side,
Are not part of what i see.
But figments of memories of us in your eyes,
Makes me want to cry.

A night shattered it all,
The life and dream we have imagined.
I became an unreachable isle,
Where you couldn’t row your sails.
I lost everything i had
And gave up everything else.

The screeching of tires,
The burning of flesh,
The stench of blood,
And nightmares about
how my family dissapeared
Left me cold inside.
There was nothing to do,
to bring me back to you,
So caught was i,
In broken dreams of my life.

We parted ways,
Without a word to say,
Only to meet again.
And realise there is no other way
Its the same destination,
We are trying to reach again.

We dance like strangers for first time,
Like rituals want us to
As the beautiful bridesmaid and enamored bestman,
Polite smiles,Polite conversation,
Not giving away the butterflies,
I feel everytime we look in the eye.

Hundred questions in my mind,
That i want to ask you.
But the words are stuck in my throat,
And it feels all over again
Like the first time i met you.

I smile and make idle talk ,
With people i have never met before,
And surely dont know,
As well as i knew you.
I turn around with my eyes searching for you
And find you laughing,
With a flute of champagne
And ladies milling around,
Just like the first day i ever saw you.

Its like you went back in time
And nothing happened between us.
All the looks i imagined,
Were maybe only figments of my dreams
I had about me and you.

I walk out of the ballroom,
Not able to breathe anymore.
Stare at the sky full of twinkling stars and say aloud,
“Wish losing my family was also a dream,
Like being with you was.
Wish i could also close you in the past,
Like you seem to have done.
But you have my heart,
And i cant take it back.”

Arms wrap around me from behind,
And sweet familiar voice whispers,
“You’re not the only one,
I also left my heart with you,
If what we had was a dream,
I don’t wish to wake up ever again.”

just smile^_^


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