Shackles & Demons

Tears roll down my cheeks ,
As the shackles tighten around me,
Its so dark in here,
Even the light filtering in,
Seems like an illusion,
Another figment of my imagination.

The screams, the laughter
I hear it all.
My head throbbing,
My heart aching ,
As I tug helplessly
At the bonds holding me.

In midst of all madness,
All the pain & agony,
There are sweet whispers,
Telling me to let go
Trust them
& let them set me free.

I always snapped,
Or spewed some profanities
Let my voice be knives
That drew the blood of sweet passerby
For so messed up am I
That all I hear is lies.

But one of the days
When pain was intolerable
And it seemed easier
Just to close my eyes
Someone whispered a promise
I hadn’t heard of the likes

She said she won’t set me free
For they were my demons to fight
But wishes that I trust someone someday
Even if it’s not her to dull my ache
Since pain couldn’t have been worse
I decided to let her be the one I trust.

I let her see all the parts of my
Or as much as I thought was left of me
From the smiles to the tears
From the insanity to the wickedness
I let her go all the way in
Where no soul has ever seen the light

Years of memories, stories, insecurities
Poured out of me,
Like a never ending stream,
She heard it all,
Silently & patiently
The stranger so unlike any.

It dulled the ache,
Made me feel I could breathe again
But then came the guilt
Because the screams & laughter
Had their agony too
& I let someone hear them
Without their choice

Again and again
I asked her ,cajoled her ,begged her
Never to utter a word
To another living soul
Again & again
She reassured that she won’t

Still when dark nights come
& I look for her to dull my pain
I wonder how long will she keep her promise
For my words are now her shackles
My memories her screams & laughter
& I now one of her demons.

just smile^_^


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