The Window

On the other side of window

Looking at the broken girl

I wonder had she ever stood up

Said they were wrong

About her and about everything else

That the words they put their mouth weren’t her own

I think maybe if she would have spoken

It wouldn’t have been so painful

But looking at her stoic face

I wonder if she even feels pain

Perhaps she doesn’t care

Perhaps it doesn’t hurt her

Perhaps family and friends don’t matter

I don’t think she’s as bad

As they claim her to be

But maybe she is heartless

That makes it easy not to rebel

To be lost in her thoughts

And not care about anything else

With sudden insight I realize

The girl is me

I am numb and my life

Is that of a stranger

I see through glass on the other side

Numb feels good, peaceful

No pain ,no regret , no sorrow

But blissful nothingness

With nothing but emptiness

On this side of the window

just smile^_^


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