The Pink Bunny

( This poem is dedicated to a special friend , whom i am so thankful to have in my life)

There comes the next ms.popular,
Gorgeous hair, beautiful features,
Chic style,Perfect figure
That’s what I thought looking at the girl,
Making every guy drool in 50 mile radius,
Ah how I am writing all cliché,
For which I will probably get punched in the arm ,
With the sweet voice saying,
This is too much,
Even for you  doll.

But alas what can I say,
For the beautiful creature,
queen of expressions,
My imaginary equivalent of a pink bunny,
All soft and sweet,
With so much energy,
So much life,
A hidden romantic  ,
Questioner of what love is.

A thinker  ,
With a wonderful smile ,
Mischievous eyes,
Temper to scare the Titans,
& sweetness to give anyone sugar high,
Not pretentious , not haughty,
More than just a pretty face.

A flavor of desert you can’t resist,
Nor can get enough of ,
So sweet ,so delicious ,
Urging you to skip other meals
For mischievous is she ,
With her feet on ground
& head on clouds.
Someone you can talk to
Anytime being just anyone.

Nah not gonna say ,
Lucky I am to have you in my life,
Because luck never had anything to say,
You just came in like a mini super racer,
& made a place in the world of mine,
& are here to stay more than forever.

just smile^_^


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