Eyes like jewels,
Wings like night,
They soar above all else,
Condemned by ignorant,
Intriguing to those beyond norms.

Bad omen is what they bring,
You would like to say,
Do you have a reason?
Because they are cursed ,
Comes out like a seasoned practitioner.

If cursed are they,
Then why only them?
Questions never arise,
When easy it is to accept,
What everyone says
& Not use that cute brain of yours.

Did they peck someone to death,
Maybe an offspring of some Almighty god,
Or did one of those horrendous crime,
People commit every single day,
Without being cursed,
Or being the messenger of bad omen.

Maybe we’re the ones ill fated,
Doomed to see things forever,
Like some fool did someday,
Because beauty doesn’t lie,
In the eyes of the beholder,
But there’s in every in every single thing,
Only if you are willing enough to see.

Don’t go to bed,
With the need to shut the world,
But open your eyes,
To the lies & secrets hidden behind,
Be the starcrossed angel if need be,
Bad omen they may call you,
Because you warn them about darkness beneath light,
Don’t be afraid,
Because you were born to be a Raven.

just smile^_^


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