Star & ray of sun

With a hint of melancholy,
Her smile is laced,
As she looks at her hand,
Wrapped in the boy’s ,
Standing beside her,
Staring at the fading day.

Its been a long day,
They had been walking for hours,
Before reaching where they now stand,
With her finally seeing,
What it is she needs to do,
In order to return some of what she’s been given.

Whether vines of emotions wrapped around them
Traversing wilderness of memories
Or quick sands of dreams
Under the flames of insecurities
He held on tight with that serene smile
& pulled her through every time

Whether tears & blood stained
The very ground they walked on
Or when she stumbled & fell
And cursed him for not letting her give up
He didn’t let go
& continued to trek on

But now as here they stand
In the paradise of momentary calm
Perhaps eye of yet another storm
Her conscience cries out in agony
As to how heartless can she be
& to how long will she let him hurt.

The sun keeps going down
As she soaks in the last moments with him
Seemingly aware of her stare
He turns around
The expression on his face
Mirroring the one on hers

She doesn’t understand for a Sec
Until it all sinks in
He’ll let her go if she ask him to
No matter how much it hurts him
Cause all he wanted was her to be safe
& all along didn’t let go because she needed him not to

She thought she would walk on into darkness
For he was her ray of sun
& she wanted to protect him from the night
But looking into his eyes & melancholy smile
She realises she can’t walk alone
Because she was his star
Who won’t ever let him get lost



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