The Screams

Like an echo,under my skin
Do the screams resonate within.
“Why don’t you try?” ,They say
I am screaming my heart out
Why don’t you understand
Just because you can’t hear them
Doesn’t mean they ain’t there
Currents disguised as occasional ripples
Trying to drown me in
Every moment I hold my breathe
To let the pain abate
I smile the one you know me by
& When I can’t anymore
Curt replies are all you get.
Doesn’t mean I was fine
When my lips held the arc
Doesn’t mean I  am not
When it straightened out .
I am the same
The change which never made any sense
The scream which wishes to be heard
But can’t ever get out
I will stay by your side
When you need me
Only to Withdraw into a cocoon
When I need someone
One you can’t coerce me to flee.
Don’t worry ,I won’t go away
& will always find my way back
To find you when you are lost
So , just let me be
To be & not want to be.



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