Insignificant & important

Someone known said
‘Whatever you do in this world would be insignificant,
But its important you do it”
Why is what we wish to know.
Why do anything at all?
Why push so hard ?
Why walk so far?
Why try so much?
For something unknown .
For something we haven’t seen,
For something we don’t even know,
With only hope ,
That it will be  another drop,
Little but significant ,
In the making of an ocean.
But are we?
What if there ain’t an ocean ,
A sea , a river Or even a brook,
But all you are a solitary drop,
Dripping down the tap,
Wayward, aimless,
Falling on the floor ,
Or making its way towards the gutter
Then is it worth it?
To aspire , to heat up with passion,
To dream impossible things that
The life you are living can’t provide?
To awaken in others such desires?
Until someone breaks, drowns,
or falls off the edge.
Short lives ,so very short
As you call it.
Ain’t it enough ?
To just hold the hands ,
Of those you love if it’s dark,
keep them warm if it’s cold,
To wipe their tears if they hurt,
& tell them hope is a fluke,
A consolation, a deception
To those who can’t find it,
Their happiness , their fulfillment,
In their own hearts.

I am sorry I can’t.
I am sorry if my dreams keep me awake ,
My thirst to explore is never quenched &,
My hunger for change never sated.
I am still fighting tooth and nail,
For I believe my little doing is important,
No matter how insignificant you believe it to be.
Call me heartless ,call me selfish,
For I  am not content ,
To just protect & be protected by the ones I care for .
But let me tell you something ,
Before you call me stupid,
Something my mom told me
When I was a kid.
Waterfalls of tears were cascading down my cheeks,
The day I realised,
I don’t want to grow so much
If it meant her & dad ‘s eventual demise.
No words of Paradise , or sweet afterlife,
Can placate a 10- year old scared of death,
But she taught me all I would ever need,
With those she uttered then, the ones I would never forget.

‘I am you , you are me
You are part of me in flesh , in blood, in soul , in mind
My eyes ,my ears , my sense,
I will never die
For you are the one I stay alive in’
Even now her words soothe me,
Whenever the old fears creep in,
But they hold a deeper meaning,
& the reason I won’t give up.
It’s not just her.
Who is alive in me,
Or I am  alive in ,
Its we.
My kins , my friends , my teachers
My neighbors , my countrymen ,my people
All lives entangled & bound.

I dream for the unknown ,
For its what I fear & am intrigued by.
Dark , cold ,pain are not
What I wish to bridge people close to me through,
But don’t wish to feel them ever .
Even if I feel alone , lost or aimless,
I will take the fall ,
For one of us will find the ocean ,
If not ,we will create one.
So now that you know ,
I ain’t stupid or dumb,
One more thing ,
You were right.
I am  heartless & selfish 😉
For my heart ain’t just a little organ , &
Whether You reach the top ,
or the person next to you ,
It doesn’t matter for,
Its always gonna be me .

So don’t be narrow minded ,
Be a little selfish & heartless too,
If that’s what it takes to desire ,
& do what you do.
For you are me & I am you
And the final answer ,
The important one ,
Well you can’t reach it,
Without the  trials & errors you know ,
However insignificant they may seem so.



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