They called her naive.
The girl with the open smile and happy eyes.
Every emotion showed on her face.
And she trusted every person she met.

She walked with a bounce and was a force to reckon.
Talked the ears off,
& people said something’s  wrong,
When she chose silence,
Or didn’t wave at every person she met.

An emotional kid mixed with lot of thinking,
Made her most vulnerable,
People close or acquaintance ,
All could hurt her ,trample her or flatter her.

No matter how many times things went wrong,
She didn’t see reason.
Still believed some goodness lies in all people out there,
And could not find it inside her.
To show distrust,show doubt.

This is what they all thought.
“Happy jolly foolish girl,
So very naive,
On her way to get hurt everyday”.
With pity in heart,
That she wont get up ,
When she falls real hard one fine day.

Do you want to know,
What she thinks,
Inside that complicated head of hers?
If you want to , read on & ,
See through eyes of me,
It aint rose tinted glasses,
Just a camera with flash mode on.

People aint here to please you,
Sometimes i forget ,mostly i remember,
Luckily when i do,
I have people to remind me.

My life aint path of roses,
Nor is it road of thorns,
Because there are people,
Who have suffered more than i ever did.

I live.i care.i love.
Though i dont believe.
I cry.i hurt.i scream.
Though i may not show.

But in the end,
I feel its all worth it.
I fly higher ,after i have fallen deeper.
I smile brighter ,after i have cried harder.

I am not strong,
Though i would sometimes like to believe.
I am weak,
Because there are things i hide,
But i am trying to be,
Someone who can speak all,
& make every moment count.

This is an advice i took,
From a person i think is really cool,
But i ll still be an emotional child
Because i like being naive.

Cheesy but must be added,
I love sunshine
More after the rain.
And correction please i dont like ,
I love being naive.



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