Sunday wish factory

I have been meaning to start this ritual for quite some time now .So , not waiting for another fine Sunday to come by when I may or may not be busy , I will get on with it.

I have quite a many drafts offline ( which I will eventually post) but I want to listen to what the readers want & write about some of them too.
I like to read books , listen to music , write poems & well of course think.

So , let me know what you want me to write next about , be it books , any stream of thought or music , & I will do a post exclusively for you on Sunday.
& Well the more innovative you are with your wishes , the more interesting it will be.For instance you  can write me about any particular incident in your life or person & I can make a poem for you ( but mind you I will need a good description ) or give me a totally boring object & a word & well I can spin a yarn around that;)
It can be movies or TV series too.Anything or everything !!!!!

What are you waiting for ? Leave a comment here or mail me :
& find your wish come true on Sunday!

P.S . This is absolutely free of charged at one condition , tell your friends about it 😉
Signing off



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