By your side

A wired fence is all that lies,
Between where she is
& where she wants to be.
Eyes tired from the norm,
Cricks in neck & shoulder,
From another sleepless night.
Dried blood underneath her nails,
From when she bit her skin tight ,
To escape the truth buzzing in her ears,
& when all she has ever know
Seems to be a lie.
A drop in those windows to in,
Wants to trace the curves
Of her pink cheeks,
& down the dip of her  throat.
But another gulp ,
&  it seems to disappear.
Leaving me to wonder,
If it wasn’t made purely
Of  my  own imagination
Unlike the soft smile
That plays on her lips now,
&  the one I have always known her by.
As I watch her
Tie her hair back & get up,
From the abode near the fence.
Not as unobserved
As she would like to believe
Not as unknown
As the day she came here to be.
But still a river of greater depth,
A book far longer than I have read,
A rose  in disguise,
I wish could clearly see,
& hold her close too
If so she needs.
If only she would ,
Open up her heart
Scream , talk or whisper,
The secrets floating  in her eyes.
She raises her head ,
As I walk towards
Her eyes twinkle in delight
As she Waves her arm in hi
& I smile at her
With the promise unsaid
I ll be here till the end by your side,
Whether or not you wish to hide
I won’t be another lie


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