Unicorn Island (SWF post)

( My first Sunday wish factory post ever! Please send me more requests for more blog posts of your choice:))

He was lying down on his bed , the YouTube playlist playing out loud , searching for something interesting to do on his phone.Lethargy like an invisible cuff around his limbs and  neck with idle thoughts calling to demons for they would be better than this emptiness.
An ordinary day is bittersweet at best , but days like these are worst , his personal purgatory on earth.An aura of tiredness seeping to the bones , eyes stinging , dropping , pleading to just get lost in an alternate existence far from the realm of waking.
He was about to just give in,to lose himself in dreams , when the song came on – the one he seems to have been waiting for.As melodramatic as it seems , but the song changed it all .

Pumping energy like magic into his veins , stretching his cheeks into a wide grin & making the stars painted on the ceiling somehow shine brighter.Nodding his head to the beat , he threw off the cover & got off his bed.Taking his pens from the table he had earlier strewn across ,he starts drawing on the wall, scribbling to his heart’s content.He stayed up till four in the morning , adrenalin fuelling him .He scratched , feathered ,imprinted his strokes on the wall ,to drive the image out of his head , hair clammy & sticking to his head .Sweat trickled down his neck but the smile never left his face despite his frenzy to finish the piece.

His masterpiece still adorns the walls of his sanctuary, reminding him of the time everytime he feels low – the happy place he had run off to on the gloomy night , his own unicorn island.
No dream could have sailed him there , no amount of searching in the world out,  unless you trip the switch to the light , through words , rhythm or emotion , intangible yet powerful.
For only that can light your way to the island as you let your will push you off the edge. Let your desperation fuel your passion with no heed to time or place . Be stubborn to not rest, to not surrender to the lull of lullaby when you haven’t done a thing to deserve it , to not quit searching whether its middle of night , or break of dawn.

Boredom ain’t eternal but it makes you feel so , its just the mist over the ocean , don’t let it stray you.
Your island’s never out of your reach , just stretch your arm & you’ll reach your isle:)


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