I tossed & turned
& tossed some more
Played some melody
Read a book
Watched a vid
Counted back a hundred
Thought some
& thought no more
Scribbled a bit
Drew a touch
Eyes hurt
Drooping, pulling ,stinging
How I tried to sleep
All in vain
For it eluded me
Unwilling to let me rest,
To take a break,
Or start anew.
As lay I did,
For hours with no end.
Plagued by the sly siren,
Alluring me to the ocean.
Sinking, drowning ,gasping
Fighting to catch a breathe
Yet trying to reach
The land of promise.
Not for pearls , not for treasure ,
But just to lay still,
To black out my troubles,
To see another dawn,
To close my eyes
& silence the yawns.


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