Remind me

Remind me
The day I feel lost
Down or bit gloomy
The million things I have
To be thankful for
For no matter
the pain,the hardships
It won’t be enough
To not feel grateful about
To let spite & anger take over
& make my body
Just a vessel of sorrow
anguish and resentment

Remind me
What it is like
To wake up to the smiling faces
Under a secure roof
To hear someone worry
When I fuss over the blessed food
Or to be able to whine
Because I want something and
To feel the warmth in my chest
In realisation that I have someone waiting home
Even if I feel lone in the moment
Tiptoeing in the dark

Remind me
The day I shed tears
Over ruins of  broken dreams
Of the sacrifices precious
& lessons I can never forget ,
Of my dear ones  there to hold me upright,
My not so frail body and mind,
Through which flowed the immortality of youth,
& of my will which
Dared me to dream at all,
Even if it did waver a bit before the fall.

Remind me
Even if I forget it all
Imprint the words in my heart
The only one you need
For your happily ever after
‘Thank You’


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