Known Stranger

Our eyes meet
And drift away
As if  another passerby
We meet on lane of life
There’s no ache
Just a little space
A blank void
In the safe of memories
Of time when you were more
Someone I knew
& not a stranger

Times we laughed
Our walks, our talks
On the phone in dark
As we stay by the other’s side
To fight off each other’s troubles
Or to just share few smiles
I miss you my friend
The unsaid words
I dare not acknowledge
As you leave the corner of my eye

One of the closest friends
Someone I would whine to
Even when I turn forty
& someone I would remind
Of  his million antics & quirks
When the leaves turn orange
Or so i thought
What happened
Wish I could only know
For us to be like this

It was like this one day
We were not talking anymore
I kept waiting
For you to open the doors
& find me in the maze
I felt lost to
But I guess you were searching too
For a way out

Both of us
Apart and aching
Waiting to hold on
Wanting to reach out
Unable to in our own whirlwind
Is something
I can come to peace
With one day

But if it was the other way round
& if lies an inkling of truth
In the whispers of my devious head
I would shatter all over again
To think it was an illusion
A deception , a false pretense
Or maybe I was the one
To make you
All you are to me now –
A known stranger
I don’t think I would ever be whole again


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