My little dear

My little dear
Why are you scared ?
What is it
You are so afraid of?
Don’t say nothing
For I know
How the smile
doesn’t reach your eyes anymore
Nor does your words
reach my heart
They are all hollow
As if echoing from the walls
In which lies not a thing
As if Someone came in
& emptied you on the inside
How you clutch
Your dress a little tighter
Every time someone asks
“Are you all right dear
You look a touch tired?”
I can see the lines
Under your eyes
From the dark nights
You think you hide under the glasses
I can see you
Shuffling your toes
In room full of people
The crystals in my reflections
Which disappear
When I try to look closer
Don’t think you fool me child
I don’t ask
Because you need it-
Time for me to wait
& for you to trust that I will
No matter how long it takes
I am here
I can never be
Nor replace the ones you have lost
You mayn’t be my blood
But you are still my girl
My Little dear


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