Little pieces

Little pieces of it
You take with you
Until the end
There’s nothing more
If you leave
It accompanies
If you cry
It hurts
The echo reverberating
Where it came from
If you smile
Its warmth placates
It’s absence home
If you hate
It fades into dust
Flowing with the wind
Leaving chills in it’s awake
Maybe tomorrow’s
When I see the last light
Or fifty years
More of moonlight
I won’t tell you
What to do with it
But just know
Every sec , every word, every feel
Is another shard,
I am giving it to you
Of the only thing I possess
I don’t think
Of it as others do
As the most precious jewel
To be kept under wraps
Revered & gem extraordinaire
It’s not much actually
A bit dusty , a bit dented
Not very big
But very special
For every smile it brings
So for every part you take
Be happy a day
Completely & unequivocally
Then the day I am gone
I will have beautiful photo
Of the million little happiness
It created or pretended to
Nothing left
But never more beautiful-
My little heart
Of mischief & misguided trouble


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