The sons you are so curious about

So here it is , a review about Kapoor & the sons- the movie everyone has been waiting to test the waters of.

Read if you value your time:
If a review is what you wish to look for , then read below ,but if it is just the plot you wish to know about , then Google away & do not read further .O:)

Well it’s one of the best movies I have ever seen.Ya i saw that , the eye roll as well as heard your groan my dear sir/ madam -_- .All I want to say is hear me out before you pass any judgement .In fact watch it before you do & no I don’t do spoilers.( I personally find them annoying )

The movie starts with Fawad & Siddharth in a foreign setting & well it was my moment of grouching..See I have nothing against opening the movie with two handsome guys but two sons in a foreign country & a sweet family house in India ( a bit on bigger side).Well don’t tell me none of you would have jumped ahead & thought it would so be a Hindi drama drama movie at best with a sour sweet onscreen story ,picturesque but totally unrelatable.But boy was I wrong & not more than happy to be proved otherwise.

The movie has a certain charm which just sneaks into  your heart & warms you from inside .It has songs , drama , romance , fun but nothing feels over the top .It’s not subtle either  to be missed out. Its just imperfectly perfect  in its portrayal of an Indian family.Little, little moments, and wonderful dialogues , capture beautiful emotions of sibling rivalry , the husband-wife relationship  , love , family & closure.It also brings out a very sensitive & a serious issue quite eloquently & gracefully through Rahul, Fawad’s onscreen persona( which I can’t reveal the details of due to my no-spoiler policy).

All the actors did a marvellous job.It was a team effort , and all characters each with their unique quirks were the ingredients of this refreshingly  different movie.On a less professional note , I was enchanted by Fawad’s role in the film.I don’t know exactly what, but Raul’s character & Fawad’s acting left a lingering trace.

I would like to wander again into the movie , & take you with me to the scenes , pieces which were just amazing , touching &  plain brilliant.But this is one movie I think you would enjoy more if you are unfamiliar with the alleys & corners and explore it on your own.

This post is just a push ,a signboard to the multiplex so ,that you don’t miss on the amazingly good movie.
Grab a ticket now  ,if it sounded even a little interesting to you.You won’t be disappointed:)


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