Tia’s story begins

There is a reason why we do what we do . As cliche as it sounds , its all the truth there is to it .
There was a point in time when a little girl felt lost. When I call her liitle its not her age  I m referring to mind you . Its about how much more growing up she needed to go through . She was good at something , not the best in her field but definitely good enough that she stood out among her peers and it was pointed out. There were people who were better at it and there were people who werent.In fear of sounding very vague and completely unrelatable or abstract, lets give this girl and her little something a name.
Let us say her name was Tia and the little something which some of you may call as her talent was speaking.But deep in her heart  Tia always felt it was the way she thought and that was her talent and in any way she chose to express it maybe called as her talent .She wrote as well , which again was good enough to stand out but still not the best .There were times that her speaking and writing will harness so much excitement in the audience that the warmth of it will make her feel alive, and fuel the motor to her thought machine more ,but there were times when a loose pebble or another bolt would get stuck in her thought machine and she would flounder in both these avenues thinking whether she was truly good enough.
It so happens , that this one fine day under the blistering heat of may when more than one tempers run wary due to heat , she was given the task of entertaining a small audience during their meal. There were all sorts of stalls with different delicacies set up , and a small stage near it . It was supposed to be an impromptu event , where you gauge the temperament of the visitors , and continue to row depending whether it was the wild currents or the gentle stream . She was very excited for she and her friend have been planning for a while as to how much fun they would have at the place.What happens is this , whatever they planned could not come to fruitition as the incharge decided something else should be performed.Well , it didnt go so well and she didnt even get to complete the show , due to well some people whom she wouldn’t really want to say thank you at that time. Anyway the cherry on the top was when a lady said , it was boring and so she  i. e Tia should do something else.
Her ego did take a hit from that but more than that it sowed a seed of doubt in her about her abilities.
It’s pretty normal to get nervous before going on stage and can happen to the best of us .But Tia failed to acknowledge that the overwhelming fear she felt wasnt due to lack of her abilities but stemming from the seed of doubt sowed in her.
Another incident or two after this where her fear didnt let her give her best and made her even mess up things at times , had her convinced that her fear had escalated to such a height that she really cant give her best and perhaps she was never ever good at her skill , even when she didnt mess up things and gave her best but not best.So , after a a lot of thought she comes to conclusion that maybe she should take a breath, and then perhaps after sometime see how it goes , maybe , by then she would even be able  give a decent speech .So, she tells her bestie that she,s gonna take a breather from all activities not just speaking and writing be it blogging , sketching , poetry, dance and whatever else she liked to do.
So after a few days her best friend calls her for a competition.She tells her ‘ I know how you feel right now but this comes just once in a year and you will regret not going for it if you let your fear control you now .’But despite her goodwill to heed to her bestie’s words , she couldn’t do it. The vise of fear gripped her so tight in its clutches that it bought tears in her eyes when she couldnt even speak fluently in front of her friend
*SIGH * I didnt even realise that the post went on this long .I dont wanna bore you ,  So , i will tell you what happens to Tia on the next post.Does she overcome her fear? or does she let her fear turn something she loves into a disability?


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