Tia’s tale (continued…)

First of all my apologies for being AWOL  for so long . Well no matter how important the reason might be for my absence , it still does not excuse it. Anyway my heartfelt apologies and well , i will make sure not to vanish again .So where were we.Ah…. Tia .
Well, so what really  happened to our young  little friend  after fear rendered her incapable of taking pleasure in what she loved.
You know what we should not always  crib about things out of our control , for you never know it may be something really good and may even teach you a thing or two .Anyway , i am not going off on a tangent but this is what happened next in Tia’s life.She had to give a book review.& she didn’t have a choice .
She had just one day before her  class . So , she took the safe route.Selected a safe book , made a safe analysis and took all the precautions under the sun, to the point come morning her bestie was fed up of the speech.It was the first time where she had memorized and practiced and practiced for a speech so much . If if it was another time she would enter the room held high ,confident of all the work she had put in, and just voice the best speech she had ever had.. maybe .. maybe not… But now the situation was completely different . With the fake confidence, that after so much effort she should at least do a respectable and bearable job to pass this ordeal.
She gives her speech, all flawless , unnaturally so except as soon as it ended she ran, literally ,back to her seat.The  teacher was like” Hmm…. the voice was so audible , professional and just perfect but in between it felt like the real you was coming out . “Does that make sense?Well these were the exact words.Let me explain…
During her first semester one of the teachers who had evaluated her presentations , all smiles,….”Tia , you should never prepare….when you don’t you just capture the attention of the whole room , make even every uninterested soul in class so engrossed in what you are talking about.Don’t read off words , your understanding of audience is crucial and integral part of your on stage charisma”.
The previous night her bestie had said , “T just do it because you love it” . A message carried through people and ages.Her music teacher always spent more time with few students , who as far she could see, couldn’t  even string the notes properly .On being asked why , he said they loved the art much more than she did and that just glowed through , making it so much more beautiful and fun .And ,  he will be waiting for the day when both could enjoy her singing as much.
Now after hearing the teachers comments it made sense , she always loved what she did , and if she does something just because she has to , the others wont feel anything towards it either .
It doesn’t matter whether you are good or bad at something , all that matters is that you have fun , because that will  make it memorable , a beautiful pearl in your casket of precious memories.

Before you go , Tia’s bestie shares a large part of her  life and you will see a lot of her in the future too , so its important she’s  given  a name . I would have loved to coin an exotic name for her , but she said she wishes to be called Dew , So , Dew it is.
Till the next time you stumble over these chics , see ya.

And you wanna share tell Tia about your colleges experiences , write up , what are you waiting for?


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