Click of the key

The old house
at the corner
of childhood locale
with its once majestic iron gates
now covered in rust 
would be no more
the tinted windows
playing peekaboo around which
you have built your life
and the tales
of the mysterious visitor 
a shadow of ticking clock would become
when step afoot you do
in the shades of past
back again

sitting on a log 
near the woods
 back of the grandeur 
with a cup of coffee 
your head running million miles a sec
reminding you of 
the speed of light
of time passing by
moments lost , moments found 
of their transience
of their significance
making you ponder
why is it important
if every thing’s  another ray 
to be lost in the darkness

feeling a sense of loss
worn with nostalgia
you get up from your abode
for passing  seconds to rest its place
only to turn around
to  the rustling of leaves
‘woof’ and there pounces on you,
 two hundred pounds of not a heavy wolf
but  its alter ego in shape of  
 the skinny teen sibling of yours
making you burst into laughter
adding another card in the
deck of memories to be
played with again & again

places , people,palaces
ruin, grandeur,monotony
will fall , rise , fade or stay
only captured in the shutter of your eyes
whose impression will remain
like a fingerprint
on your bundle of heartstrings
strumming the chords
through sound , melodies
impressions and art
like the photos in my mind
reach you through this
click of the keys



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