Coffee and acceptance ( Tialand post)

Tia has an unique relationship with coffee.She is cool with drinking it and even likes its taste ,but its not her favourite.Well over a cup of coffee was exactly when she discovered what was this bond and how it prevaded over life beyond the steaming cup.
So under the fan, bathed in diminishing sunlight from window , immersed in conversation ,Dew said something which triggered the string of thought.
More often than not Dew is like Miyagi-san to  Tia’s revelations.So what happens is this…..
Dew had left her closet open on some occasion which some soul had seen as a window to steal money from her closet.Now as here they were talking about how that money could have come handy at times like that , she said she hoped that it was being used for a good purpose and it helped whoever had it.
Well Tia ‘s first reaction was incredulity and amazement.That being said ,Tia is not a very mean person by nature but if someone stole something from her , her instinct would be to curse the person.Even though the activity may seem petty and childish, it would have been like a balm to her heart and while thinking of the thief ,she had hoped to do the same on behalf of her friend.Hearing these words the desires were forgotten with the curious chic peeping out with big eyes questioned…”Why do you say that?Dont you feel like cursing that guy…I definitely do…””I did you know , at one point but since the money is already gone , i hope its being put to good use..”
Acceptance.That is what this is about .Things happen . Small things , big things , things of all sizes and color happen.Happen is the word here.Sometimes , to some extent and maybe somehow we can control them but what if they HAPPEN?Its done .All that is then left is to accept them and make the best out of them.And you know what , its more than about things.
Uh.huh..How important are things really? unless they affect you , your friends , your family or your relationships???
You may not like every person you meet on the road but your acceptance of just who they are means  a lot to them and binds you to them in one such bond.And oh lets not forget, it extends to coffee too.
Do you like coffee?Do you like me?Well it doesn’t matter , I still exist and so does coffee…So why not give it a shot?Accept it the way it is ,without any reservations, aloofness,ignorance and the worst contempt.The sunlight from the window is bothering you , move away , for every window may not have a pane to close it and let the light in.


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