Prisoner to The Star

Drops beat against them 
as they run
down the stairs
over the walls
dodging through alleys
clothes soaked from the downpour
cold seeping to the skin
But nothing strong enough
to stop the charge
in their veins
nor the joy in their hearts

They run and run
on roads , past the lights
nearly missing a car or two
but never a beat of 
of their hearts which is 
beating to break free their ribs
their hair falling on their eyes
unable to disguise 
the joy and tears of relief

They run past the buildings
past the fields
onto their place
the mango tree
their childhood hideout
the secret palace
their mystical home
they haven’t visited for so long

They sit on the lowest branch
overlooking where they have lived
almost all their lives
and perhaps will spend the rest of it too
until they die
now looking so much more alive
a place where dreams can bloom
and just maybe
chase their falling stars too

For he is home 
not for a day or two
with an eye for post
that may take him miles away
but for long and good
to make her smile more
and sleep without fear
that open the door will
with the coffin of another dear

Dusk descended like a warm blanket
as the city ahead lights up
the sky aglow with countless stars
invisible inside the city’s smoky eye
the rain had come down
to a mere drizzle
the trees all around
alive with chirps and crackle

Finding what they were searching for
bright and twinkling in the sky
They repeat 
“No matter how far we go,
to return or to lands far away
our hearts are tethered there,
because together we will be
mamma  bear , daddy bear 
, brother bear &sister bear
forever and forever
if not in body
than in soul
chained to the star”

Bittersweet is the feeling in their hearts,
for not all could make it their physically
but glad are they 
that there’s someone to word the promise
which they had made in
oh such a different time
to hope for a better future
with souls prisoner to the star


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