The striper

The curtains go up
and she struts in
vibrant under the glare
of the only light
focused on her singular frame
cheers and noise
breaks out
in time with the beat
pulsating and loud

She starts moving
swinging her hair
rolling her hips
to cope with demands
of the noise
maybe even a smile plays
on her pretty face
as rhythm electrifies
through her whole being

Lost in the high
moving in ecstasy 
until voices break in
shouting strip strip strip
like cold splash of water
thrown on her face
she wakes up as the performer
putting a show for the world

giving a seductive smile
for the eyes of the lewd
she starts taking off the layers
baring her alabaster skin
scrubbed and polished
spotless for the spectacle

whistles erupt ,comments ensue
coins and cash tossed into air
for fun it is to see
someone baring it all
when incapable you are 
of doing the same

as the end nears
the crowd gets noisier
hungry for what
is left to be exposed
her smile slips
to a mere trace
of what she had held till
cause her emotions are
not the draw anymore
its the secrets revealed

The curtains fall
and she closes her eyes 
takes a breathe deep
for over it was
the ordeal of the day
the momentary high
as they drowned in denied lust
the temporary numbness
as she pulled through for survival.


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