Ocean of little memories

So many thoughts
So many words
So many places
So many people
Caught in this reel
As the shutter snaps away
Cataloguing , rearranging
Thinking, reflecting
Picking up the shells
On the shores of verity
Casting away the pebbles
We deem unworthy
Of selling , sharing
Or just simply saving
To drown in the Ocean
Life would be nothing without
The stolen minutes of
Unplanned destinations
Meaningless laughter
Soulful conversations
Woeful melodies
Only to be reminiscent
While stranded on the isle
With no ferry for the show
When bridges are burnt
And the sun goes down
Only then you notice
What’s right in front of you
As the night sky
And the stars that set it glow
The gentle breeze
and the shy moon
Gently nudge you
To notice the beauty all over again
Calm, chaotic
Naked, Everlasting
Melancholy ,playful
Brave ,frightening
Your ocean of little memories.


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