Letter of caution to a Booklover

Dear Booklover ,
I love books , unconditionally , same as you.I don’t care what kind of book it is .I just pick up whatever I can get my hands on and start my journey in a new world .
But since high school , it has mostly been ebooks not for the lack of crisp paged beings around me, but for the convenience they offer.Be it at 2 am in the morning & lights went off, or juggling my belongings in a crowded bus ,these virtual creatures have never failed to draw me to another realm & mesmerize me all over again. If nothing else , I don’t think I would have read as many books as I have ,if not for  ebooks.These have done nothing but feed my addiction to the point that I can finish a novel within a couple of hours.
I have never questioned my loyalty or for that matter my bias towards ebooks until recently. In the vacation after end of my sophomore year , there were quite a few things which made me hesitate & revise my opinions all over again.
I discovered that I quite liked browsing through well stocked library of my college , discovering something new every time I walk among those shelves , exploring new dimensions like psychology , sociology, religion ,history, foreign culture , new subjects , sciences, philosophy and what not.Downloading ebooks , the websites did have recommendations but none as varied as the supposed temple of knowledge since ancient times ( ya that’s a bit too much but you get my string of thought & no ,on no account it wanders along conspiracy theories about how internet tracks our each preferences online & soon will take over the world).
Coming back to the point , to assure you as to how serious my doubts are , I will make a confession. A very embarrassing one.Come vacation, I realised it takes an awfully longer time for me  to go through a real book!( I swear I wish the ground would swallow me at this admission ,but then I need to tell you the rest of this woeful tale)I also felt along with my friend that we had lost interest in romance novels as all we came across , was but a slight variation of the usual clichés( do read my friend’s post about the same @ https://bloggeek97.wordpress.com/2016/04/04/every-romance-novel-under-the-sun/). And finally when I spoke to a booklover of the previous century ( grandpa) , I realized that, I am not so well read when it comes to some of the gems of classics( not so common).Among these I found some of the best words I have ever read.

This was the last straw , I am not the person who wishes to read all the popularly regarded  best books out there, nor do I wish to trudge through hundreds of trashy recommendations with no substance on the web
All I want to do is read a few pages whose lines ink my soul too.

I am aware of the advantages ebooks offer , and how some of my experiences can be improved if I change my choice of browsing sites perhaps .But the point of this article is , do not write off physical books as easily as I had done , they have a lot to offer too:)
Yours sincerely


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