As the rain drops on the window
Turn the sad song on the radio
Let your screams out
For nobody can hear you
As it washes away all the blood
Thunders shadowing your cries
The metal grinding its teeth
As soaked to the bone you sit watching
The passengers whistling past
Your own chattering all over
The ribs shaking & shuddering
To cage the black beast
Galloping ,wanting to chase the the freight
Nightmares singing lullabies
Trying in vain to close the reality
Flesh chaining the soul
From the tears of its own
As clouds open up to empty the heavens
& ground all dark from those as if
Hell mourning its own symphony
From amidst this pandemonium
Will raise he
The bright little thing
All bloodshed seems
not Inconsequential  for
but  maybe bearable just the same
And as the guardians glow their blessings
Minions bestow it with earth’s offerings
He will rise
To try and challenge it
Change it all over again
Even if he falters off the roof
But dangling just so
Until he has it all figured out



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