Eyes searching unintentionally.    

for his glimpse,           

As soon as feet cross every door. 

Thoughts drawn again & again,  

 To what he said or did      

Even so in dreams at times.    

 Or as eyes drift open to light.  

 A goofy smile on face,         

 As his antics cross the mind.                 

 And a oh so light feeling          

As fingers scroll the chats they shared.   

He ain’t perfect ,             

& she ain’t blind to his faults either.  

But it feels good to just think of him, 

 While the world & maybe even he,   

 Rests unaware of her affections.         

  Her elation hidden underneath.     

Sarcasm & jokes,                  

Her uneven heartbeats.   

& all the nervous energy ,    

behind the prickly facade ,           

More of a defense to keep him away.

  But sigh only if ,  

Stop plaguing her mind he will.         

 None other than –              

 The crush of her life.


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