Haphazard & chaotic
Not at all like what he had
Imagined it to be like.
At one point
He thought he could tame it
The chaos , the waywardness
Make it to be
Beautiful in it’s own being.
Alas today he realizes
How wrong he was
To think it was anything
But magnificent
The way it was
Has been and will be

Tinged by a bit of disappointment
For he thought he would be the one to reform
Tinged by bit of relief
That it wasn’t for him to refine
Tinged by bit of joy
That he could see it for what it really was
And tinged with a bit of grief
That he ain’t gonna be the one to keep it
For she is not meant to be kept
She is meant to belong
The day she realises it all.

Whoever he is, ain’t a need
An artist , a teacher or a student or a lover
To flatter ,to teach or to learn 
Or complete
He is who makes her nothing
more than who she was
But accept all she ever can be


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