Traffic and Murphy’s law(Tialand post)

This morning too would  have bleeded into another amongst many others of  the lazy summer vacation , if not for the first thought Tia woke up with , the very one  I am going to tell you about & what havoc it caused.

Looking back at it , Tia would tell you it was all in all  a gloomy morning.The heavens seemed  to offer a reprieve from the pre monsoon showers but with no sun in sight .The absence of sound of rains she had been so accustomed to putting her in a fowl mood as soon as she opened her eyes.

The calendar reminding her not so gently that she was not a sophomore anymore , and  she thought to herself ” Damn , i don’t like this day already.”To anyone reading this , it would be puzzling as to why would that be.

Well Tia loves rain or sunlight & nothing of the I-can’t-decide-what-to-be -today days.Plus it wasn’t the she was a year older in life , but more like the shedding of wise-but- not-so sophomore skin , the transition which troubled her.Nah she  was no stranger to growing up ,she had braced herself for all kind of  hiccups on the road , as she had moved to another state for college.Just a grumbler if I may say so.

I would love to say that the day got better but no it didn’t .The last day before college as usual has been reserved for the annual farewell before the four besties went to different corners of the country.But fate had it so that only three could make it that day .With her most comfortable jeans in washer , favourite breakfast burnt and rebellious hair , Tia set out towards the cafe they were gonna meet at , muttering under her breath

Seconds after , stuck in traffic   , she thought to herself , “Ain’t it  just perfect?I would bet my life , that right now Murphy would be rolling gleefully in his grave , seeing his law being proven so brilliantly.” Even while she thought so , she fervently wished that let her favourite wedges ( the only thing gone right) save the day.

Fret not my dead readers if u do not know what that is .Murphy’s law claims that “Anything that can go wrong , will go wrong” , meaning in any scenario there is more probability for things to go wrong than right.

Damn that went a little too long.Anymore & it will all be a lullaby.Sorry guys.So what happens next..does Tia’s wedges save the day …or is she right in thinking that a day which begins badly is destined to end so ?

Find out in the next post & till then take care^_^


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