You say you are tired

Do you really know  

What that feels like ?

Ask the boy with the

Mischievous eyes & pearly whites

Catching his breath at the flight of stairs

Dragging his feet through the pavements 

Hiding the stinging tears as he dances out his heart

Leaving red footsteps in his wake

Falling to bed with aching bones

But with a galloping heart & a silly grin

‘I wish  i was like everyone else 

Not having my body scream & screech

Room spinning ,eyes tracing dizzying edges

My emotions all over the place

All because I lack some red cells

I complained, whined ,cried

Loathing myself for not being them

The lucky ones life was

So innocently & madly in love with

& seemed to not like me quite as much.

A world so huge, infinite 

In the sense of so many things

One little limited life insufficient

To see , feel or be

Lay at my feet 

& here was I nagging  only to realise

It loves me just as much if not more

For was I them

I would have taken the beauty for granted

& would have gone to bed saying

I  am tired without really knowing 

What that meant.

Each moment unlike the last

However few they might be

Each scene another new one

Each sound part of another melody

Each scent another aphrodisiac

Charming away my fatigue

Until finally my eyes droop

Studded with dreams of 

The next awakening.

Because I am tired 

Not because of my body or my mind

But because I have to close 

Sensations, sounds & light

Contrary to the violent desires inside 

Which won’t be so easily satisfied’


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