Nothing else

The best thing 

And my favourite too

In all the worlds that exist

& the ones which are yet to be

Is to laugh 

Open , unabashed  & free

For what a life it is

If roar you don’t 

With the joy of it.
What’s your nature palette ?

Is a question I often ask

To people I meet new 

The colors you would fill

To outlines of all that you know

I want the sky purple

Grass blue & leaves red

Imagination makes me fly

Beyond the limits you see

If waste of time you think

Why not open your history chapter

To Einstein or Newton & see
& finally when day’s out

Studded with laughing memories &

Rainbows of my making

I go to bed with dreams

Both before & after I sleep

To what the future can be.
If pretty weird & abrupt you thought 

This poem to be 

Alas! I have got my thoughts across

Life is more like that 

If you haven’t noticed yet

Have a good day 

& I hope you realise it already

Its meant to be happy

& nothing else:P


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