I pray

I pray .

If there’s someone up there

I hope you hear my prayers today

Why? Why did you take away

Everything she had ?

When she hadn’t ever done anything bad?

I never believed you

In the idols I saw

In the altars I knelt at

I respected people’s faith

The belifs that lasted ages.

If strong so can it be

Than serving people is all we need

Or so I thought.

Then why doesn’t she have everything she ever wanted?

I cry not for the departed soul

Though it aches too

I cry for the girl

A magnificent gem in making perhaps

But why she have to be put through the furnace?

I pray.

If there’s someone up there,

 I hope you hear my prayers today.


2 thoughts on “I pray”

  1. Dear precious child, I hear your prayers.

    I am here. I promise.

    There is a plan
    Though sometimes it may not seem.

    But I am there. Just reach for me.

    Just know that all these things shall be for her experience and she shall grow.

    Beautiful, refined, a precious gem to shine.

    Trust. Please. And know that you and she are loved.

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