My eyes are drooping ,

& I haven’t had a break 

through the day.

A different thing every other second

No time for melancholy

No time for ecstasy

All in an attempt 

To be good ,a person ,a relation

To give the best I can ,

& yet feeling whether I truly am.

Entangled in so many threads

Pieced with so many shards

If they’re anything like me

There’s one thing I would like to know

How do they have time

For everything they want

& some ,for just them under the stars

Is what I want to ask?

Being pulled in a million directions

And still being able, to be just at one place.
I ask a lot of questions 

And seem more than a little confused

But I think that’s not true

 & i believe i know more than you 

Who think they have it all figured out????

For alas you don’t realise

Ignorance is bliss

Knowledge the illumination

Curiousty the confusion

Of which chaos is just the beginning


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