Irrational & uncontrollable

Like a snake hissing

& slithering up my calves

Over my spine

Wrapping me in its cold embrace

It whispers  in my ear

That I can’t

Not now , perhaps not ever

That terrible things are

Foretold in the lines of my palm

If dare I move another step

Goosebumps pricking like thorns 

Little roots grounding my feet

Freezing me where I stand

It blurs edges of my sight

Making me dizzy & breathless

I wish I could just close my eyes

& let the ordeal disappear

But alas no such consolation

For I fear the dark creatures

Plaguing my sleep more,

Taking forms more horrific

Than any reality can ever be

Taunting, teasing me

& says in its venoumous waspy voice

‘You can’t. Even for those who matter’

Like stumbling over a pebble in the way

My steps falter

As I brace myself against the fall

and move ahead

Uncaring of what’s going to happen

For worst comes to comes

It will swallow me alive

But if I don’t

‘even for those who matter’

Just those words

Will make me it

I will be my fear

Even if I survive


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